Set up or access your Union Hospital Patient Portal account

Introducing the Union Hospital Patient Portal

Union Hospital now offers a secure on-line interactive tool for patients to review their health information - the Union Hospital Patient Portal. The interactive web portal will enable patients, families, and care givers to take an active role in their care by providing easy, secure access to their health information via the internet.

The Union Hospital Patient Portal provides access to much of the patient's Medical Record information including hospital test results, medications, allergies, personal information, visit history, and more. And with authorized consent, parents of minor children and care-givers will also be able to access the Medical Records of those people for whom they provide care.

Features of your patient portal

Features of the
UH Patient Portal

  • Lab, Radiology, and Cardiology Reports
  • Hospital, ER and FirstCare Physician Reports
  • Diagnosis and Medications
  • Hospital Visit History
  • Request Appointments for Testing
  • View Past and Future Appointments
  • Pay Your Hospital Bill
Patient portal confidentiality

Confidentiality on the
UH Patient Portal

This method of viewing information through the Patient Portal is designed to prevent unauthorized people from being able to access or read your health information. Encryption, passwords, and other security measures protect information maintained within the Patient Portal site. The website for the Patient Portal is a trusted site certificate.

How to Create Your Account in the UH Patient Portal System

There are three ways to set up (enroll) your Portal Account:


Enroll in person at the UH Health Information Management Office (Medical Records) located on the ground floor. This office is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Call Kristie at (330) 343-3311, ext. 2425 Please call during regular business hours. You will be asked for your e-mail address and other identifying information. Once your ID is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail message with instructions to set up your Portal account.


Click on the "Create a Portal Account" button below, to begin the enrollment process.

Create a patient portal account

To create a Patient Portal account you will need:

  • Personal E-mail Address that is on file with Union Hospital.
    Note: If you share an e-mail address with another person you will need to enroll in person at the Health Information Management office.
  • Last four numbers of your Social Security Number

Shared Access (Proxy) to Another Patient's Portal Account

Parents of minor children, spouses, and care-givers may share access or PROXY to another patient's portal account. Please see FAQs about Patient Portal Accounts for complete information. You will be required to present a Photo ID.

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