New Technology at Union Hospital

Looking in from the Interventional Radiology control room, the large procedure room enables the staff to easily work around any side of the patient. Images on the monitors show what the doctor is viewing to guide the placement of catheters and stents in the blood vessels.

Union Hospital’s new Interventional Radiology (I.R.) suite advances the state-of-the-art for minimally invasive vascular and radiology procedures. Carey Gardner, Director of Community Relations, says it’s a $1.0 million dollar investment in new technology that places the Dover hospital at the leading edge of radiology imaging in the region.

“By upgrading our interventional radiology facility, we’ve moved to a position of leadership in our area for this type of advanced technology,” Gardner said. “Union Hospital now offers the physicians and their patients advanced digital imaging technology. More procedures can be done here so patients do not have to travel out of the area for this type of advanced care.”

According to John Bogdan, Director of Radiology at Union Hospital, many conditions that once required surgery can be treated non-surgically by interventional radiologists, vascular physicians, and surgeons. Through a small incision in the skin, Bogdan says doctors use tiny catheters and miniature instruments so small they can be run through the patient’s network of arteries to treat at the site of illness internally, saving the patient from open invasive surgery with large incisions.

“While no treatment is risk free, the risks of interventional procedures are far lower than the risks of open surgery, and are a major advance in medicine for patients,” Bogdan said.

Mentioning just a few of its capabilities, Bogdan says the new I.R. suite will be utilized by interventional radiologists to reduce pain from spinal compressions and fractures (kyphoplasty), and remove fluid from around the kidneys (nephrostomy tubes). Surgeons use the high resolution digital X-ray images to guide their instruments to open blocked blood vessels, to place blood clot filters in veins and arteries, place dialysis catheters, and to place feeding tubes.

Gardner says the new IR suite was completed in August and met with exceptionally positive reviews from the physicians using the technology.

“We have a very experienced, skilled, and caring group of physicians, nurses and technologists working in the new facility,” Gardner said. “This new state-of-the-art technology will enable them to serve a wider range of patients locally here at Union Hospital.”

Gardner says the Union Hospital Radiology Department staff is working closely with physicians in the area to update them on the capabilities of the Interventional Radiology staff and technology and how it can benefit their patients.

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