Play It Safe When It Might Be a Concussion

Concussion is a concern for coaches and parents of players in many sports. Making the point that helmets collide in football are three future Claymont Mustangs. At the top is Dillon Watkins, age 7, to the left is Cade Watkins, age 9, and to the right is Jake Hickman, age 10, all of Uhrichsville.

News coverage of pro football players suffering concussions is making an impact across the nation. Recognizing and correctly treating concussions is a topic of great interest not only in the NFL but in every community where youth sports are popular. Union Hospital will present a program aimed at adults who supervise youth sports and parents of players concerned about prevention and treatment of concussion. The program is entitled “Getting a Heads-Up on Concussions” and will be held in the Union Hospital Auditorium on Thursday, August 8 at 7 p.m.

Registration is required for this free program. Register at under the “Health Events,” button or by calling (330) 602-0778.

Presenting the program will be Dr. James D. Moore of New Philadelphia, a family medicine physician on staff at Union Hospital and who is also board certified in sports medicine. Dr. Moore serves as a team physician for New Philadelphia High School’s football program.

According to Pamela Dummermuth, coordinator of Union Hospital’s Community Health and Wellness Dept., the program will focus on ways in which concussion risk can be minimized, signs of concussion to look for, and what to do when a concussion is suspected.

“This program is strongly recommended for anyone who has the charge of young people engaged in sports or other activities that may put them at risk for a concussion,” Dummermuth said.

Concussions have received increased attention in the media since the passage of Ohio’s Return to Play law that went into effect last April. The law requires that coaches and volunteers involved in youth sports organizations receive training to better enable them to recognize the signs and symptoms of concussions and head injuries and take appropriate action.

According to Dummermuth, this program will also help parents of children involved in athletics.

“Symptoms resulting from a head injury may not be obvious at first, but can change quickly hours later. It is important for parents to know how to monitor their children at home, know what changes to watch for, and when to seek medical attention.”

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