Spot Stroke Symptoms, Then Act FAST

Nathan Johnson, M.D., UH Emergency Physician

Most people can recognize the symptoms of a heart attack. And most people know that immediate treatment is critical to saving the patient’s life.

Pam Dummermuth, RN, manager of community health and wellness at Union Hospital in Dover, says the same can’t be said for symptoms of a “brain attack”…more commonly known as a stroke.

“Stroke symptoms are not as dramatic or immediate as those of a heart attack,” Dummermuth said. “Delaying immediate treatment of a stroke only increases the odds of the patient sustaining permanent disability or even death.”

The Union Hospital Department of Community Health and Wellness will host a program for the public on Thursday, May 9 at 7:00 p.m. in the hospital’s Auditorium. The guest speaker will be Nathan Johnson, MD, chief of Emergency Medicine at Union Hospital.

Dummermuth says Dr. Johnson will provide a basic understanding of how strokes occur, their causes and most importantly, the signs and symptoms that a person may be having a stroke. The importance of seeking immediate treatment for the suspected stroke patient will be stressed as well.

During the presentation Dr. Johnson will demonstrate the Telestroke Network connection with the Cleveland Clinic. The live connection will include a stroke specialist speaking to the audience from the Cerebrovascular Center at the Clinic. This high-speed internet technology has already proven invaluable and has been used to diagnose and treat a stroke, stopping the tissue damage and actually reversing the paralysis and loss of speech that was occurring when the patient first arrived at the Union Hospital ER. Dr. Aruna Rao from Union Hospital’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Department will also present information on how early diagnosis and treatment in the ER can lead to the best outcome related to complications associated with stroke.

This program is free and open to the public but reservations are requested. Light Refreshments will be served. Register for the program on-line at, “Health Events” and select the May 9th event. Or call the hospital’s Community Relations office during business hours at (330) 602-0778.

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