Union Hospital's Community Walking Program

The Union Hospital Community Walking Program

If you are walking for health and fitness, the Community Walking Program (CWP) helps keep you on track, motivated, and rewarded for your efforts.

How to Get Started

Complete the CWP Membership Registration form and obtain your membership card. Stock up on Walking Record cards. They include contain everything you need to know. Then, start walking!

Membership Registration Forms and Walking Records are also available at the Mall Office during regular business hours.

Where Can You Walk?

Walk anywhere, at any time. We hope you walk daily or at least several times each week. Walk at New Towne Mall, at your local high school stadium track, on a treadmill at your fitness center, on your neighborhood sidewalks… anywhere you can enjoy this most recommended form of exercise.

We're Talking MINUTES, Not Miles!

The CWP recognizes minutes walked, instead of miles, to make the challenge equal among walkers of all ages and fitness levels. Keep a record of your minutes walked each day and watch the total climb steadily. We'll ask you to track your walking minutes in our Walking Record.

Earn Rewards and Recognition for Reaching Your Goals!

As you reach goals of 500, 1,500, 3,000 and 6,000 minutes walked, you'll earn a gift from the CWP and we'll include your name on the recognition display at New Towne Mall and on our Facebook page. CWP members will enjoy exclusive benefits provided by Mall merchants. Best of all you'll have the satisfaction of achieving a significant goal that will enhance your health and fitness levels.

Recognition Milestones

Level 1: 500 Minutes
Healthy You static sticker

Level 2: 1,500 Minutes

Level 3: 3,000 Minutes
Healthy You t-shirt

Level 4: 6,000 Minutes
Invitation to CWP Recognition Event

New Towne Mall is Our CWP Headquarters

New Towne Mall provides our home base for contact with CWP members and for news, photos, and recognition of Community Walking Program members. Community Health nurses from Union Hospital will be at the Mall Food Court the third Friday of every month from 9:00 a.m. to Noon to provide support to CWP members. New walkers can get started and current walkers can turn in Walking Record cards. All CWP members can learn about special offers from Mall merchants available to only to CWP members.

Be sure to see the CWP display just outside the mall concourse entrance to Elder Beerman.

Keep in Touch with the Community Walking Program

At New Towne Mall
UH Nurses – 3rd Friday of the month
CWP Display outside Elder Beerman


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