Union Hospital is Accredited by DNV Healthcare, Inc.

Union Hospital is Accredited by DNV Healthcare Inc.

Union Hospital is accredited by the DNV Healthcare Inc. Accreditation means that Union Hospital has demonstrated compliance with national standards for patient safety and quality of care.

Union Hospital is genuinely concerned about performance improvement and patient safety. In response, the Board of Trustees and Administration made the decision to invite DNV Healthcare, Inc. to conduct a full survey of the Hospital.

Philosophically, Union Hospital views the survey not as a one-time “inspection” of compliance with standards but rather a continual learning experience. We embrace the opportunity to have key processes validated and welcome recommendations for improvement.

Any recommendations for improvement or consultative advice that occurs as a result of the survey are taken seriously. Proactive steps are initiated in concert with management, staff, and the medical staff under full view of the Board of Trustees.

For further information on DNV Healthcare Inc. visit their web site at: www.dnvaccreditation.com

To make a complaint about Union Hospital to the accrediting agency send an e-mail message to: hospitalcomplaint@dnv.com or call: 866-523-6842