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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "independent, non-profit,
community hospital" mean?  

It means that unlike so many healthcare institutions regionally and around the country, Union Hospital belongs to the community it serves. A board of trustees consisting of leaders from cities and towns throughout Tuscarawas County helps determine policies and manage costs.

While for-profit hospitals answer to private investors — generating as much revenue as possible to pay dividends — any revenue generated by Union is applied directly and completely to programs and services.

As well, our mission as an independent healthcare provider involves delivering quality care to all patients, not just those who can afford to pay. Private hospitals can turn those patients away because theyíre not good for business; at Union, providing care to everyone is our business.

The hospital charges for its services.
Why is it necessary to raise money?  

Keeping costs down while remaining true to our mission is probably the greatest challenge we face. The difference between what you pay for healthcare and the real cost of that healthcare is significant, and the fact that Union Hospital was recently recognized one of the top 5 in Ohio in patient affordability speaks to our attention to watching the bottom line.

Additionally, Union provided over $6 million in charity care last year alone. Turning to the community for financial support — not often and only when the need is real — enables us to maintain affordability and quality.

So many non-profits are asking for my help. Why is a gift to Union Hospital a sound return on investment?  

Certainly, more charities are soliciting funds more often than at any time in recent history. Economic challenges alone mean more people are in need of emergency services, and when educational, cultural, and developmental organizations are added to the mix, itís difficult to know where philanthropy should be directed.

Union Hospitalís value — your return on investment — lies in:

  • Quality, affordable care
  • Superior customer service
  • Close proximity and easy accessibility
  • 106 years of community leadership
  • Consistent growth and improvement
  • Care for all, all the time