Workplace Wellness Programs at Union Hospital Dover Ohio
Employee Wellness Programs at Union Hospital, Dover Ohio
Employee Wellness, Dover Ohio

WorkWell Wellness Services

WorkWell brings quality Union Hospital care right to the workplace, working with regional businesses to create wellness plans, programs and events. Each is developed and delivered by top-flight healthcare professionals and backed by the full resources of the leading healthcare source in eastern Ohio.

Customized Plans

Plans typically are tailored to each company's wants and needs, meeting the comprehensive health and wellness goals of the company and its employees. Our programs can help from the initial assessment phase all the way through the intervention and outcome phases.

Here are some of the services available to create customized plans:

Health Risk Assessments  

  • General health assessment
  • Heart risk assessment

Health Screenings  

  • Total cholesterol with HDL
  • Total lipid profile (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and glucose)
  • Glucose (blood sugar)
  • Blood pressure
  • Fingerstick cholesterol/diabetes testing
  • Hemoglobin A, C


Coaching helps keep employees focused and motivated on health and fitness goals. Coaching is available on a group or individual basis, helping employees deepen their learning and understanding about themselves while improving their performance, health and quality of life.

Exercise Demonstrations  

Sometimes seeing is believing. Thatís why we can provide on-site demonstrations of a variety of exercises including yoga, Zumba and others.

Nutritional Counseling  

Food is fuel. To operate at our best, we need good food. Our licensed dietician offers individualized counseling to help people eat their way to better health.

Massage Therapy  

We offer presentations on the benefits of massage, and team them with on-site "chair" massage and/or on-site full-body massage by appointment.

Diabetes Management Program  

Diabetes can be dangerous if not properly managed. We educate employees on the signs, symptoms and dangers of diabetes, as well as new treatment methods.

Walking Program  

Walking is the simplest and most sustainable physical activity people can do to help improve heart health. Our nurses help establish regular programs, goals and coaching.

Smoking Cessation Program  

Quitting smoking is one of the fastest ways to improve cardiovascular health. Our nurses can provide employees with on-site assistance using highly successful techniques.

Weight Management Programs  

Losing weight is on most people's get-healthy to-do list. WorkWell offers a variety of on-site weight-related programs for groups or individuals, including specific health assessments, screenings and diet counseling.

"Lunch & Learn" Educational Lectures  

We can provide informative presentations at business locations, covering a range of topics including heart health, nutrition, stress management, fitness and more.

Exercise Consultation  

With every hour of regular exercise, we can gain almost two hours of life expectancy. We work with your employees individually or in a group setting to discuss health and fitness goals, and how to reach them through regular exercise. Experts assist them with lifestyle modifications, suggestions and training.

Workplace Stretching Program  

Regular stretching can help prevent many common workplace injuries. Our five-minute workplace-stretching program covers all major muscle groups that are linked with soft tissue injuries. Itís a simple effort that can help your employees stay healthy and save you in injury claims and lost time.