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Employee Wellness Programs at Union Hospital, Dover Ohio
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Workplace Wellness reaches many different types of businesses and occupations. View our list of some of the local employers taking advantage of our wellness programs.

Workplace Wellness programs at Allied Machine and Engineering include health risk assessment, wellness coaching and incentives to reduce risk factors.

Allied Machine & Engineering

Allied's employee wellness programs include health risk assessment, wellness coaching, and incentives to reduce risk factors. As a result, employees have lower medication expenses, improved morale, and Allied credits the employee wellness program for helping the company hold down its healthcare insurance costs.

WorkWell Workplace Wellness provides coverage for pre-employment physicals, flu shots and randome drug screenings for Meteor.


We provide coverage for pre-employment physicals, annual flu shots and random drug screenings. We also assist in vision and hearing screenings and oversee the wellness promotion programming.

WorkWell Workplace Wellness provides services such as blood work and biometrics, health risk assessment and coaching for the staff of ProVia.


We provide services that include blood work and biometrics with Health Risk Assessment followed by one-to-one coaching with the staff. We also perform on-site random drug screening, flu shots and CPR training for the staff.

WorkWell provided a Health Fair including screenings to staff and customers at SuperFitness.

Super Fitness

Mary Marshall, RN, a UH WorkWell nurse, provided a health fair including screenings to the staff and customers at SuperFitness in New Philadelphia.

WorkWell Workplace Wellness provides a comprehensive health risk assessment to staff at TCBDD.


The Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities offers employees a comprehensive health risk assessment to identify health risk factors based on employees' lifestyle and behavioral choices, personal and family medical history and clinical measures including blood pressure, cholesterol, height and weight.