Healthcare Services, Workplace Wellness Programs at Union Hospital Dover Ohio
WorkWell Employee Wellness Programs at Union Hospital, Dover Ohio
Comprehensive Health Services for Progressive Businesses, Dover Ohio
Union Hospital WorkWell, Dover Ohio

Comprehensive Health Services
for Progressive Businesses
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Helping Businesses and their Employees
Stay Healthy Together

WorkWell was created as part of Union Hospital's longtime commitment to serve as a valuable resource for employers in the region. WorkWell offers a comprehensive package of services that can create a positive impact on your business' bottom line.

Our unique group of services falls into two classifications:

Occupational Health Services

These services help businesses attend to the needs of employees who have suffered from on-the-job injuries or illnesses. We also can help provide testing and examinations to help your company meet OSHA, Ohio BWC and other guidelines.

Wellness Services

We bring the latest in healthful ideas right to your door, easily and cost-effectively. This allows your employees to take advantage of educational offerings, health screenings and other services. This not only can reduce abenteeism, but you may also realize a reduction in your health insurance claims.

To learn more about WorkWell, please call us at (330) 602-0750 or email