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The Pain Management Center at Union Hospital, Dover Ohio
Cancer Pain Therapy at The Pain Management Center, Dover Ohio

Cancer Pain Therapy

If someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, you need to know that no matter what their outlook is, suffering caused by pain can be minimized. Cancer is an emotionally devastating disease. But as your family strives to cope with the grief associated with discovery of a cancer, you should not assume that tragic levels of pain and suffering are automatically expected or acceptable.

As specialists in the field of pain management, our physicians can offer your doctor insights on which drug and dosage are most effective in the treatment of different types of cancer pain. Working together, suffering from pain can be minimized significantly or eliminated. For patients who find little or no relief from medications, the Center can offer epidural injections, spinally administered opioids, nerve blocks, or implanted drug administration systems.

Physicians managing pain in the cancer patient take into consideration drug side effects, life expectancy, risk of infection, and cost effectiveness. By carefully matching pain intervention to the patient's needs, side effects can often be significantly reduced. The goal is to keep the patient comfortable and relieve their pain throughout the cancer treatment.