Healthcare Services, Inpatient Rehabilitation at Union Hospital Dover Ohio
Inpatient Rehabilitation at Union Hospital, Dover Ohio
Inpatient Rehabilitation, Dover Ohio

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Phone: (330) 365-3806

Helping You Get Back to Your Life

At Union Hospital’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit we are dedicated to helping people get past the hurdles of recovery and back to their lives… to work, family, active retirement, and independent living.

Located in the newly remodeled wing of the hospital’s third floor, our patient rooms are large and warmly decorated. They feature walk-in showers and bathroom facilities to meet our patients’ special needs. Rooms are equipped with comfortable lounge chairs for visitors and flat screen televisions.

If you need rehabilitation prior to returning home, ask your physician or discharge planner about Union Hospital's Inpatient Rehabilition Unit. Inpatient rehabilitation offers many advantages for recovery—24-hour nursing care, extensive daily therapy with licensed professionals, and family involvement, to name a few. And our convenient location gives patients the opportunity to recover close to home. For more information about our services or to schedule a free preadmission screening, please call us at (330) 365-3806.