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Emergency Department at Union Hospital, Dover Ohio
Emergency Department, Dover Ohio
Union Hospital Emergency Department, Dover Ohio

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The Emergency Department at Union Hospital provides award-winning care

The Emergency Department at Union Hospital provides award-winning care

Healthgrades ranked Union Hospital's care of emergency patients among the best of all hospitals in the nation. In fact, HealthGrades ranked Union Hospital among the top five percent of all U.S. hospitals caring for patients admitted through the Emergency Department, measuring quality of care from the moment a patient arrives in the ER, to their admission to the hospital and through to their discharge.

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Timely treatment by design

Gone are the days when a "minor" illness or injury takes a back seat to more emergent cases or traumas. At Union Hospital's Emergency Department, we've designed a better way. Our emergency care begins the moment you come through the door and are greeted by a Registered Nurse for initial evaluation. Following this triage process, your treatment plan is fast-tracked to the attention of a highly trained staff of emergency medicine professionals – people who consider the patients' best interests to be the top priority.

Emergency Express at Union Hospital

Emergency Express

Emergency patients come with a wide range of illnesses and injuries. Those who come for emergency treatment of minor injuries and illnesses are well served through the Emergency Express program. It's another example of how the award-winning emergency care at Union Hospital has evolved. Emergency Express has dramatically reduced the waiting time to see the doctor, be treated and go home.

Union Hospital's ER has an experienced staff of physicians and nurses

Experienced staff of physicians and nurses

Our staff of trusted residency-trained emergency physicians and nurses is experienced in emergency medicine, preparing them to efficiently administer quality treatment in a full range of urgent care situations including life-threatening injuries and illnesses. From advising paramedics in the field to assisting with a helicopter airlift, Union Hospital Emergency care doctors and nurses offer a lifetime of skill and experience.

Meet our ER Doctors

Timely, effective, patient-centered care is our goal – and what patients can expect at the Emergency Department at Union Hospital.