A New Generation of Cancer Treatment Using Radiation

Varian Clinac iX

Powerful 21st century technologies raise cancer treatment to an entirely new level at the Regional Cancer Center on the Union Hospital campus. The Varian Clinac iX linear accelerator uses precise doses of radiation to kill cancer cells without harming surrounding healthy tissue. Such accuracy is even more important when there are critical structures or organs near the tumor.

Philip A. Schneider, M.D.

Philip A. Schneider, M.D.,

Laird Olson, M.D.

Laird Olson, M.D.,

The Science Behind the Technology:

On-Board Imager – helps to more accurately direct the beam of radiation at the tumor and away from healthy tissue surrounding it.

Cone Beam CT – helps ensure the proper targeting of the tumor and that the patient is correctly positioned for each treatment.

RapidArc Technology – delivers radiation in a way that will shorten treatment time and improve the accuracy of the radiation dose around the tumor.

Experienced Radiation Oncologists

Radiation oncologists Philip Schneider, M.D., and Laird Olson, M.D., have more than 60 years of combined experience in radiation oncology.

For more information about radiation therapy call the Regional Cancer Center at Union Hospital at (330) 364-8959.