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Union Hospital HELP LINE


Whenever you need help, one press of your lightweight, waterproof Help Button activates a communicator attached to your phone. A caring HELP LINE Monitor will quickly answer to find out what type of help you need.

The HELP LINE Monitor will call one of your friends, neighbors, or relatives - people you’ve named in advance, to come to your home to check on you. If you need medical help, your Monitor will make the call.

If you press your button and can’t speak, your HELP LINE Monitor knows exactly what to do to send the help you need.

You don’t have to wait until you have an emergency to call HELP LINE. We encourage you to check in with us every month so we know you are there...and just to say, “Hello!”

HELP LINE communicator and personal help button is easily connected to your phone.

The HELP LINE communicator and the personal help button are compact and easy to use. This equipment is easily attached to your telephone.

The HELP LINE help button is very light and can be worn easily around your neck or wrist

The HELP LINE personal help button is very light and is worn easily around your neck or wrist. It has a 400 foot range so you can go out into the yard or garden. Battery condition is monitored and changed as needed.

How Much Does It Cost?

"HELP LINE" is available for reasonable monthly rental fees that vary depending on the various units and services selected. A long-term commitment is not required and all units are rented to users on a month-to-month basis. Users receive a bill in the mail each month, and when services are no longer desired or required, simply contact our office.”

Facts About HELP LINE

  • The Help Button is waterproof. Wear it anywhere!
  • The HELP LINE system is tested monthly.
  • Fast, friendly and caring people staff our HELP LINE 24-hour Response Center.
  • Extended range Help Button so you can confidently work in your yard or garden.
  • "Care Calls" are always welcome, our service is not just for emergencies.
  • We offer special Help Buttons for those who cannot activate a standard button.
  • HELP LINE is the least costly home monitor service available locally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have an emergency while my telephone is being used?

The HELP LINE communicator has a special circuit that disconnects the non-emergency call so the emergency call has priority.

Does it work with a cordless telephone?

Yes! The HELP LINE communicator is simply connected to the base of the cordless telephone.

Can I get help if I fall in my yard?

Yes! Typically the push-button has a range up to 400 feet from the HELP LINE base unit.

Can I still get help if the power fails?

Yes! HELP LINE uses a rechargeable battery that provides uninterrupted service for up to 80 hours after the power goes out.

What happens if my Respondents have an answering machine?

The HELP LINE Response Center will leave a message on the answering machine, then call the next Respondent, monitoring the emergency until help arrives.

If I move, can I take my HELP LINE with me?

Yes! Simply unplug the communication unit from the wall, turn off the battery switch, and call the HELP LINE office at 330-364-0839 to change the information in your file.

How can I check to see if my HELP LINE is working?

Simply press your personal help button you wear on your neck. A specially trained Emergency Response Center Monitor will answer your call. Tell the Monitor you are testing your HELP LINE system. Your Respondents will not be disturbed by this test. Monitors are available 24-hours a day, allowing you to test at your convenience.

When is the best time to order HELP LINE service?

NOW! Many people wait until it is too late or until an emergency takes place before calling for service. Do not wait until a loved one falls and lies helpless in time of need. Act now for their security and peace of mind!

How do I order?

To order your HELP LINE Emergency Response System simply call our office at 330-364-0839. HELP LINE can be tailored to your needs including those who are handicapped.

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